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I wanted to share with you the custom audio review that I received for an erotic storytelling custom audio request I produced. But first, a little about who I am.

I am not a fan of “humiliation” play or degradation for erotic purposes. I prefer nurturing, sexy, commanding, controlling and positive reinforcement of you. The world does a fine job of making people feel like worthless crap without my participation or support of that outcome. I want you to feel lifted, relieved, rejuvenated and warmed from deep inside those chilly, vulnerable parts of yourself when you finish talking with me.

Kinky sexuality can be dirty without being degrading but thanks to the mass volume of commercial porn available these days, degrading sex has become the cheap, quick money substitute for intense sexual celebration and joy. Unfortunately, lowest common denominator stuff always makes money and gets viewers; just look at the evolution of any cable news network cycle over the past 20 years.

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I, also, needed an island of positivity, sexual celebration and freedom from the “ugly” in the world (and in sex, and kink), so I created it. Positive is possible, and it is now a signature hallmark of what I do.

The power of positive words.

I like making up stories and I frequently do it live on the phone in a similar fashion. “Where would you like us to go today?” is my invitation to share with me something that is of particular interest to you or has piqued your attention and from that, I become your personal Scheherezade creating a world on the phone between us where we can escape to and play out our fantasies. My callers each present interesting creative challenges and some of them have been both unexpected and quite challenging. Men in yoga pants and the man who wanted me to hypnotize him to HAVE premature ejaculation are examples of things I was surprised by as a focus for the call. It has gotten to the point where I am almost too efficient at what I do because even after we start the “edging” game to make the final release even more powerful at the end of a phone call and they WANT to hold back, often the call has ended sooner than wanted for the caller (for obvious reasons). I really have to work on slowing down the pacing of these calls. Maybe I should go get a cup of coffee and put them on hold for 5 minutes to get control of themselves next time? Just kidding. I would never do that.

I love when a man has a hard time controlling himself around me when my specific intent to arouse and excite him.

The genuine struggle for sexual self control in a man IS my foreplay and aphrodisiac. In another time period, I would have been the Evil Torturing Queen of Victorian era sensibilities.

When the struggle is real,

it is hella arousing for me!

Custom audio review from Peter

I asked my new friend and fan, Peter, a few questions so I could include some specific information to create a story or context around the audio so it wasn’t 20 minutes of heavy breathing, moaning and name calling. I then made the audio in a way that I can when I have time to actually produce it (not just do a live call extemporaneously). This means that I added a few nice touches to make it fun (for me, anyway) and have it become more of an adult bedtime story being told to him since we wouldn’t be interacting with each other in real time with it. Peter loved it and sent me the feedback as requested. He also gave me permission to share it with you.

Here is the complete un-edited review. (sic)

I apoligize I was quite busy this weekend. I absolutly loved it! I also have the answers to your questions below. I did try to leave feedback on NF but I believe it’s the incorrect audio? The audio I can review is ‘Milfs and Cougars watching you. I am everywhere!’. Is this correct?

1.       1. My expectations were exceeded with this audio. I thought I would simply receive audio but there are real sound effects incorporated and slow sexy music playing in the background that was just right. Some sound effects even gave me a chuckle which was a pleasant surprise.

2.       2. I would recommend this to my friends because your personal fantasy can be acted out with all the details that drive you wild. You can even be called by name which makes the experience even more intense and realistic!

3.       3. I would describe myself as a novice when purveying an experience like this.

4.       4. I was surprised at how easily the experience flowed. It felt like an erotic story was being told with me as the main character all the while experiencing intense erotic sensations!

5.       5. Overall it was as I expected and more!

I agree that you can share my responses on your website. Thanks again, it was an absolutely wonderful experience!

Would you like to hear Peter’s custom audio? He has given me permission to make it available for sale to you. This is clearly produced for him because his name is used in the story but it is a fun, sexy story and a great sample for you if you are considering requesting your own custom audio work.

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