About VESTA VIP memberships

If you don’t have time to read, you can listen to the general overview here.

Dear friend (old and new),

Thank you for taking time out of your schedule to share this moment with me. I promise to do everything I can to try and take some of the stress out of your life and give you a reason to breathe a sigh of relief and delight that there are still some things in the world that you can count on that are still good in design, intention and integrity. When everything else has gone ass-over-tin-cans-messy, all we have left is each other and the moments of pleasure we can squeeze out of life where we can find them.  

It is 2020 and here in the USA, every consenting adult who is pursuing their private pleasures outside of an exclusively monogamous and/or married relationship is in the cross hairs of  The Moral Majority; revisited.’ All things adult and not morally acceptable to Their Church has come under open fire with obvious and unapologetic attempts to make it unavailable to you in ANY of its forms.  They are actively trying to deny and punish all of us for having normal adult desires and pursuing them outside the confines of a church sanctioned, morally approved relationship. This includes, as expected, your ability to access and enjoy pornography. As a result, my personal affairs are conducted a little differently now for both our protection, as best as I can manage.

You are purchasing art and/or an exclusive membership, not a service.

I don’t sell services. I sell art. If you are my patron and purchase art, I will personally deliver the art and schedule a mutually agreed upon time allotment for a face to face consultation for future collaborations when I arrive with it. The consultation is free of charge, and optional.  You are welcome to purchase art exclusively without a membership, and have it shipped to you.  

Your membership provides the benefits of:

  • Your membership is NOT a subscription. You must renew your membership manually and exclusive member content
  • Enrollment in a membership exclusive newsletter
  • Exclusive VIP access to VIP flash sales, special promotions and rewards
  • Personal delivery of art work and scheduled consultation time for future collaborations with me.
  • And more delightful, secret perks as they come up. 

Membership requirements:

You must be over 21. Patrons over 35 years of age will get fastest response. Patrons over 50 years of age have VIP level consideration for new memberships.

You must provide proof of identity and age. Because I am personally delivering art work, I must be able to confirm who I am delivering to and that there are no significant safety risks involved. 

Purchase of art and a good faith deposit to hold the art and reserve your consultation time. Because I will be setting aside time exclusively for you to deliver the artwork and provide consultation time, I require a good faith deposit to make a commitment to arranging my schedule around your convenience. Deposit policy can be found here.


Please feel free to browse my galleries or send a message if you still have a question. If you would like to communicate with me outside of an email, please leave a voicemail with the best days and times to reach you and any special instructions for calling. I do not answer my phone for general queries and I will ignore then delete text messages from unknown people. I am an adult and a professional and I prefer to deal with the same. Please don’t give me a reason to think you are not one, or the other.

If you are history buff and would like to see how we are returning full circle to the Moral Majority agenda or you want to see the current news articles supporting all this, see news items in “The Moral Majority Is Neither!” link. This is not a joke or an exaggeration. It is REALLY being pushed in legislature by local legislators and politicians and your porn is next on their list of things that “must be removed from society”