October 7, 2019

Nowhere left to go but up, unless you consider going sideways and backwards.

What’s the big deal about decriminalization? Its a big deal that involves everything for everyone, not just sex workers. Consent is sexier. @9LivesofaCougar A thread: 1) […]
September 30, 2019

Where do we draw the line and do something differently?

Your crazy is showing. You might want to tuck that back in….. #truth This is what my coffee mug has printed on it. I thought it […]
September 29, 2019

Life observations

Some people are motivated by higher principles. Other people are motivated by vulgar physical needs.   Jell-0 gelatin. I am motivated by jell-o gelatin.   And […]
September 28, 2019

The only thing worse than a condom is…

This is not another moral tale about STD’s and sex without condoms. While there seems to be a sudden increase in providers who are offering bareback […]
September 24, 2019

If you don’t pay a hooker, is it rape or robbery?

That joke is older than some of my father’s other crude jokes. And in humor, we can make observations we are uncomfortable discussing any other way. […]
September 24, 2019

He’s Indian. Not that Indian, the OTHER Indian.

I met a beautiful young man recently who was, in every respect of the word, beautiful. He was tall, had a big boned, big frame body, […]