The 3 powerful legs of hypnokink: Hypnofetish, erotic hypnosis and roleplay.

My hypnokink specialties & fan fetish favorites

Here is my list of love-to-do-to-you. I am always open for suggestions and new experiences so please feel free to add to my list!

  • Hypnokink 101: Erotic mind control: Whatever you are doing to yourself, we can make it better with some hypnotic controls and triggers to enjoy later!
  • Jerk off instruction and anal play: I know what you are doing and I am going to show you how much better it can feel when I climb inside your head and tell you what to do!
  • Erotic hypnosis Role Play: Lose your inhibitions and shyness and discover your erotic alter-ego! Take the plunge and discover your sexier, kinkier side.
  • Hypnofetish Phone Sex: I love creating stories around something from your everyday life and making it a full, erotic movie starring you in your mind! Give me one detail and listen as I spin my web of desire around you!
  • Roleplay for AB/DL folks and Littles. If you need a virtual nanny or babysitter to help deepen your experience, I can help. Note: I will not offer sexual age-play involving themes of children. Do not ask.
  • Good, old fashioned hypnosis and guided meditations – hypnokink optional. However you would prefer to get your mind right, we can find the style and mood that gets you there fastest, deepest and smoothest.
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Your mind is a wonderful garden to plant my erotic seeds in.

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