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Hypnotic Storytelling and Mind Control

for Kinky People Who Like to Go Down,

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I am the kind of kinky woman your parents tried to warn you about!

I am both outrageously fun when it comes to fetish and kink but I am also trained in Classical, Ericksonian and Stage hypnosis. When it comes to controlling your mind or taking you on an exquisite hypnotic journey through adult erotic storytelling, you will wake up feeling refreshed, invigorated and ready for more!

Your mind is the great, final frontier when it comes to sexual ecstasy.


JOI? Edging? Role Play? Anal Play? Deep Immersion Guided Masturbation?

Relaxation AND seduction?

Baby, you don’t know how good you can feel until you add my wicked, little mind control tricks to your mix!

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Your mind is a wonderful garden to plant my erotic seeds in.

My specialties & fan favorites

Here is my list of love-to-do-to-you. I am always open for suggestions and new experiences so please feel free to add to my list!

  • Erotic mind control: Whatever you are doing to yourself, we can make it better with some hypnotic controls and triggers to enjoy later!
  • JOI, anal play and virtual kink: I know what you are doing and I am going to show you how much better it can feel when I climb inside your head and tell you what to do!
  • Hypnotic Role Play: Lose your inhibitions and shyness and discover your erotic alter-ego! Take the plunge and discover your sexier, kinkier side.
  • Hypnotic Phone Sex: I love creating stories around something from your everyday life and making it a full, erotic movie starring you in your mind! Give me one detail and listen as I spin my web of desire around you!
  • Non-sexual hypnosis for AB/DL folks and Littles. If you need a virtual nanny or babysitter to help deepen your experience, I can help. Note: I will not offer sexual age-play involving themes of children. Do not ask.
  • Good, old fashioned hypnosis and guided meditations. However you would prefer to get your mind right, we can find the style and mood that gets you there fastest, deepest and smoothest.

I want to tell you a funny story.

In my early days as a new hypnotist (the g-rated, therapeutic variety), the common advice was to specialize in things that were the most popular. Weight loss, quitting smoking, anxiety management (relaxation), etc. It was also a common sense piece of advice that as a new hypnotist trying to establish your credibility, you avoided the things that had a clear success/fail outcome in a much shorter window of time. Do not take unnecessary risks when you are still establishing yourself, right?

The fact is that pain management or phobia management for hypnotists is absolutely pass/fail on the first or second session. Compared to smoking cessation or weight loss which was understood to be a multi-session endeavor for most people to see a successful outcome, these two were like gambling. You either walked away successful with your risk or you didn’t. And you rarely got a chance to try again if you failed the first time.

Knowing this, it is not rocket science to see which one has the easiest and highest income return for your efforts. But, like all newly minted hypnotists, I had to work with who showed up because I had no idea what “niche” I would be better at. I started with a weight loss, a smoking cessation, a phobia management and a pain management case. These experiences defined my niche as a specialist, not a populist.

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The weight loss and smoking cessation clients? Fail and fail. The two things that would generate the most reliable income, and were the easiest for hypnotists of every skill level, did not reach its expectations. There are arguably many factors that contributed to this in terms of professional hypnotism protocols (I know them now and it has nothing to do with actual skill or training in hypnosis) but the bottom line is that it wasn’t a good fit for me. Not my niche, as it were.

Those two most high risk and difficult types of hypnosis sessions for even the most experienced and advanced hypnotists?

Phobia management: I had a client give me one week to get them past their phobia of needles so they could receive life saving medical treatment by IV as an outpatient. I was, literally, their last resort for this. And when we say phobia, we mean “being held down by 4 adults just to receive a needle shot in the buttocks” kind of phobia. My hypnosis was successful and the client (who was secretly worried that this wouldn’t help) was more surprised and delighted than I was. It is no understatement to say that were both relieved that this was successful! LOL

Pain management: A hospital patient was given to me as a ‘blind test’. I had no idea that the client was in such pain on a 24/7 basis that their morphine dosage had reached its maximum months before. End result? They were in constant, screaming, agonizing pain all hours of day and night; much to the resulting tangential suffering and stress of everyone else on the unit with them. After our first session, the sound of silence coming from his hospital room for more than 4 hours after I left him was considered nothing short of unbelievable by the staff. The nurses thought he might have died and checked on him to find him in a deep, sound, restful sleep… for the first time in months. The nurses contacted the case manager to find out what I had done to him to provide the relief that the morphine no longer could and this was what defined the session as successful. I was informed of his status as a “blind test” case AFTER the nurses called to inquire what happened.

Moral of my funny story? Do a few things well for the people that it matters most to. This is my credo in all my endeavors, and especially when it comes to hypnosis. In the vanilla world, as a hypnotist; my niche is in specialties that are the hardest to do and make the least amount of money which is why I am no longer practicing as a professional hypnotist in therapeutic settings. It is more cost effective to simply volunteer or teach occasionally.

Instead, I have translated my training and skills to bringing relief from suffering through increased relaxation through mind control and intensified orgasmic joy and pleasure through fantasy exploration utilizing the mind and my skills. I like what I do and I love being good at what I do. Join me for a session and you can discover how much you love it too.

In our puritanical society, we treat most activities that are pleasure focused as indulgences or extravagances that should not be prioritized unless it is a group activity (family, friends, peers, parties and group environments). In real life and where mental health is concerned, our moments of selfish, individual, pleasure time are just as, if not more, important and should be prioritized.

Taking a time out from life doesn’t have to be complicated or require scheduling gymnastics.
Recharge your batteries, here. No commitment required.

Customized recordings AND custom hypnosis videos are always available. 

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