Nowhere left to go but up, if you don’t consider going sideways and backwards.

What’s the big deal about decriminalization?

Its a big deal that involves everything for everyone, not just sex workers.
Consent is sexier. @9LivesofaCougar
A thread:
1) Dolla Sto Waffles @Wook316
13h ‘DNC Candidates are “considering” legalizing or decriminalizing “Sex work” So if it passes now we will have to pay the Government to fuck us.’
Enough hand wringing. Consider taking all this to your local reps. Thanks, Wook!
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2) Now is the time to drive home the importance of decrim not legalization by offering alternatives for dealing with sexual exploitation of the vulnerable or unwilling. Offer better solutions as a voice of someone ON the front lines and they will listen. Whine and cry and we lose

3) It’s time we started acting on this insistence that we know more than they do because we ARE here, doing it. They dont know, because how could they? You want folks to listen to you? OFFER REASONABLE SOLUTIONS TO THE MORE URGENT PROBLEMS. Its not a mystery how this works.
4) I would send a well considered letter and outline of suggestions or recommendations to the presidential candidates of choice. If it has merit, someone close to the will see it and show them for consideration. Also DNC HQ is always interested in what the public is motivated by.
5) I will do same. Key points: the government does not belong in the bedrooms of consenting adults. The pursuit of life, liberty and happiness are rights this country is based on. Happiness = pleasures. Adult pleasures in private with other adults are no less considered in that.
6) The involvement of government support with privately funded religious groups (Polaris Project) and the recipients of their funding (LE) should be MORE scrutinized for how it is being used and what definitions are being used for success/effectiveness since our govt is involved.
7) WELFARE gets 100x more intense scrutiny at fed, state AND local levels and demand for proof of effectiveness than any group receiving funds for “anti-human trafficking”. We are all signing blank checks for hysteria driven morality police to interfere with non-criminal citizen
8) life. If you want to stop human trafficking and exploitation, start with the majority of it in this country – the labor forces. If you want to protect minors, focus on runaway assistance and better predatory/grooming (pimping) laws. If you want to rescue kids, then focus on
9) the real pandemic in THIS country- child porn and black market trafficking of kids by strangers AND families and put money, laws and attention THERE specifically and ALSO enforce REAL and FEDERAL penalties for individuals caught sexually exlpoiting or engaging with minors.
10) Senator Roy Moore, here’s looking at you, you vile piece of human excrement. Point out that decriminalization makes for open communication to report REAL crimes and exploitation of people by other folks who ARE on the front lines and will see it sooner. Legalization only
11) gives rich pimps a legal loophole to exploit the system and reinforce poverty driven attraction to them as employers and exploitation of their employees because … how the hell are you going to work? Legalization also requires a database be kept with identifying personal
12) information of people who actively consider this work for licensing purposes, even if they quit after one day and decide it isnt for them. BECAUSE OF THE INVASIVE BACKGROUND CHECKS EVEN THE MOST LOW STATUS JOBS REQUIRE NOW (that’s a fact. Ask anyone who has had to apply for a
13) low skill job recently) and this means that the government will have participated in CREATING A WELFARE LOOP AND FORCED PROSTITUTION AS A PROFESSION BECAUSE these folks will not be offered jobs by employers with personal biases about sex workers! It’s not rocket science to
14) see this! And on a more prurient note as one of limited money classes, do not forget that poor people are everywhere. More now than ever before because of corporate greed and complete divestment of appreciation for labor forces and a fair system of exchange where businesses
15) support the communities that represent their profit source by returning jobs and living wages to them as part of their relationship with them. That means a growing population of frustrated, stressed beyond reasonable limits, and unhappy folks who are reaching their breaking
16) points. We see it everywhere NOW and this is only going to get worse if you take away or try to legally (Gov’t) regulate the few pleasures consenting adults have that is still within their reach and power. Access to intimacy with another consenting adult in a non-matrimony
17) focused arrangement.
18) As an adult woman, I have the right to decide on MY terms and MY conditions, who I will elect to engage with intimately. The terms and conditions I set forth for that are mine alone because I am not a breeding animal, nor am I a slave to another person, a religion OR government
20) any more than a man should have dictated to him by the government through licensing and legislation which CONSENTING ADULT he is allowed to negotiate non-matrimony focused engagement with. If we are continue to allow The Moral Minority drive this train of false outrage
21) instead of social solutions that ARE designed to address, support and protect our most vulnerable members of society (children and youth) from sexual exploitation as we are seeing uncontrolled numbers of incidence right now that is NOT being addressed by criminalizing the
22) behaviors of consenting adults. If we are okay with this, then we should all just admit that we are okay with a society driven by religious groups that turn a blind eye to the likes of Roy Moore or The Quiver Movement or Mormon child brides, etc instead. LOOK AT THE FACTS NOT
23) THE HYSTERIA INDUCING PROPAGANDA FROM RELIGIOUS BASED GROUPS. We all need to pull together and be on the same team if we are going to stop the sexual exploitation and abuse of youth. It wont happen if we are divided into the hebephile supporting religious groups and the rest
24) of the cognizant, consenting adults in the room who are NOT interested in what other consenting adults are doing with each other. Fact: only a deeply unhappy person with serious psychosexual issues is obsessed with what OTHER people are doing in their bedrooms. The sane,
25) productive and reasonably happy ones do not care! Surprise! Why is anyone with a brain bigger than a tit mouse get into bed, financially or politically with this dumpster fire of church driven propaganda designed exclusively to target ADULT foreigners, minorities and women while hiding behind PR images of crying, little girls instead?
26) You want solutions to this? We can add to the list already mentioned in this thread but we cant do anything if you continue assisting this evangelical crusade to force the criminalization of consenting adult sexuality. Keep your laws off my body!


Decriminalizing sex work IS a feminist issue. Anyone who tells you otherwise is either an idiot, new to feminism or lying like the anti-sex trafficking campaigns are lying about their priorities being rescuing children when in practice, it’s about criminalizing sex out of wedlock.


And buddy, don’t you kid yourself. Your porn is next.


They started this war in the 1980’s with The Moral Majority and they haven’t given up on it. They just found a better strategy (buy politicians instead of fighting with them) and a better stooge to do their bidding. Welcome to the Christian war on who has control of our society, complete with a brilliant, updated version of the Trojan Horse gift in Fosta-Sesta.¬†Elections are coming up. Remember, politicians are POLICY MAKERS. Choose your representatives wisely or you won’t even have your porn to make like a little easier for you. Look around you. It is happening NOW.