Smoke and Mirrors

Discrete, erotic videography and photography services are available for individuals and couples.

Aren’t YOU the star of your own bedroom? If you are looking to celebrate your erotic adventures on video or capture them in photograph AND you would feel more comfortable with a mature, non-judgmental female who is completely safe and professional, then I am the professional service you are looking for.

I am a mature, responsible professional female that has zero interest in using this service as an excuse to see anyone naked or having sex. (There are gym locker rooms or swinger groups for that!) I am offering this service because I know how powerfully important it is for us to be able to see ourselves in our best light when capture in an image and I believe that a healthy, happy sexuality begins with being able to celebrate ourselves being ourselves during erotic explorations alone or with a partner.

I will bring the lights and cameras, all you have to do is bring your pretty face, and the action.

What I bring:

  • I will be bringing professional equipment (cameras, lights, tripods, etc) to the space you designate for filming/photography. We will need enough physical space to accommodate this. Please inquire with your needs so I can determine what our space considerations will be. Rates will vary depending size and complexity of project.
  • I will offer video editing services. I will take all the raw footage and edit it into a smooth, easy to watch production for you. Be aware that this video is being produced for your private use. Because of issues with royalties and licensing of music, a musical soundtrack will NOT be added to the video during post-production unless you are purchasing and providing verifiable royalty free music at an additional charge.
  • I will require verification that everyone in the image is over 21 years of age and for legal purposes in accordance with federal laws. I will NOT work with anyone under 21 or who is not able to clearly offer their own consent to having their image captured on digital film.

What you will need:

  • You will need your own SD card to record the video/photos. For videos specifically, you will need an SD card with a minimum of “class 10”. Do not go cheap on your SD card because your production will be saved to it and you don’t want to have problems with it later.
  • I will not work with anyone who is on the sex offender registry list and I need to verify your identity with your legal ID for this reason before I will agree to work with you.
  • I reserve the right to refuse work upon arrival if the situation seems unusual in ways that I cannot work with. A 25% non-refundable deposit will be required to cover the cost of my time and travel to your location, with or without a successfully completed photo/video shoot.

Ready to see yourself under hot lights being a hot, rising star in your own private porn production? Click here to begin the production!

Promotional Special – 2020

As a newcomer to the field and specializing in private work that I do not have permission to make available to the public, it is more challenging to prove my worth in both quality of work and personal integrity (not another sexually predatory service provider or creep pretending to be a photographer/videographer). People want to see a portfolio but I can’t use private photo/video shoots. I am sure you can see the challenge here. Because of this conundrum, I am offering the following promotional specials:

1) Individual photo shoots. I will offer a 1-2 hour session of simple photo shoots for your private collection in your residence or at a neutral location for $100. Photoshop editing of your favorite images is available for an extra cost. You must provide your own SD card for image storage and delivery. This is for photography ONLY.

2) Videography services.

If you are a private individual or couple, I will offer a half day session of videography for your private collection in your residence or at a neutral location for $250. Video editing of your favorite images is available for an extra cost. You must provide your own class 10 SD card for image storage and delivery.

If you are a provider, I am looking for models to build my portfolio with. I will offer an industry specific discount with considerations. Please contact me to discuss what is available and possible. I must be able to verify that you are a provider and over 21. I am located on the East Coast between DC and Philadelphia.