The only thing worse than a condom is…

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September 24, 2019
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September 29, 2019
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The only thing worse than a condom is…

This is not another moral tale about STD’s and sex without condoms.

While there seems to be a sudden increase in providers who are offering bareback sex for financial reasons that can only be explained by them, the real life consideration of issues specific to clients seeking bareback services (and providers offering them) is more than health risks now.


Cost of session.  Couple hundred dollars. 

Cost of child support for 18 years? Couple hundred thousands.

Cost of messy divorce and your other kids never speaking to you again? Priceless.

Cost of single condom as life insurance? 

Less than $3.


This upcoming week in America (10/1/2019), the continued assault on women’s control of their own reproductive functions reaches its final battle cry as our Supreme Court makes it final conservative, anti-abortion attack on Roe v. Wade. Its not an issue about IF they will start taking away abortion rights, it is a matter of how much, when and which states will have the most hubris and impunity doing it.

Remember, right now as we speak – if a female is pregnant in Alabama, the only way she is going to get an abortion there is if the pregnancy is a threat to her life. No exceptions, not even in case of rape or incest. (Which really makes those jokes about Alabama and being someone’s Daddy AND Grand-daddy at the same time more creepy than ever. Here’s looking at you, supporters of Senator Roy Moore.)

This is important to men everywhere,


because what you may not know is this:

The Maury Povich show.

(1) In many states, welfare assistance for mother’s with children is NOT available unless she identifies the father of all the children so that HE can have his wages garnished for child support, FIRST. That’s right. The only way that kid is not going to go hungry and have some protection until she can get on her feet is if they have daddy’s name to take legal and financial responsibility for each and every kid and the state is no joke when it comes to chasing fathers down for child support. Remember all those Maury Povich shows here on the East Coast that had the parade of suspects for the paternity test reveal? Ever wonder about the female guest who didn’t seem to care about the public humiliation of being on national televison because she didn’t know who … of how many men? OR was publicly chasing down the man she knew was the father, who also vehemently refused to admit it and sometimes to the point of denying ever having sex with her? I mean, what would be so compelling that ANYONE would go on syndicated television show and face that kind of humiliation?

Well, now you know. Faced with your child going hungry because you will not get state assistance unless you identify the father OR have a television show pay for the paternity test and get the unwilling to show up to take the test, the humiliation is a small price to pay. And now, without access to abortion services – which includes RU486  (the Morning After pill) as well as some states allowing employers to deny access to coverage for birth control through employer sponsored insurance (link: Hobby Lobby v Obamacare decision  ), those condoms are going to be the only thing standing between you and 18 years of garnished wages for child support multiplied by every pregnancy that results from not using them. If she gets pregnant, you are on the hook for 18+ years of child support.

If you are a provider, consider what this means for you if you end up pregnant by someone you wouldn’t dream of spending your life with, much less making a child with and now, you have no access to abortion services. There are some things that are worse than HIV that a PrEP pill will not protect you from because you thought “politics” were boring and “feminism” is bad.

Its not the feminists who are trying to remove your access to birth control and abortion. They are the ones who fought for you to have it and are trying to protect you from losing it. Don’t you ever forget that. Your body is a battleground and it is fundamentalist religions that are waging war on you, not other women.


(2) Gentlemen, do you think not giving your real personal information is going to protect you? 

Guess again, buddy boy. Somewhere, someone is doing genealogy or has submitted their body fluid/tissue sample for DNA identification to a company like and that person also has a genetic relationship to you, even if you have no idea who they are. Once that DNA is analyzed and the report is sent back to them, it is ALSO archived somewhere. And THIS is how cold case murders are being solved RIGHT NOW even though DNA testing at home is still a novelty and not as common as cell phones and televisions. In the future, your DNA links to other folks in your family will be as good as looking up your driver’s license number or social security number to ID you and locate you. Its already happening. (link: Cold cases solved by DNA testing kits at home. The new future of identity tracking and tracing)

When it comes to child support, those payments are also retroactive. If the state helped financially support and protect your offspring in your non-death related absence, they will be coming for their reimbursement as soon as they know who you are – no matter how long after the fact it takes. You might think you dodged a bullet right now, but the reality is that it will find you. DNA testing becoming common and ubiquitous as we speak is going to make sure of that. Looking forward to a modest retirement? Some measure of peace and security in your old age? Think social security will only be enough to cover cat food and cheap shelter over your head? What do you think will be left when the state comes looking for their reimbursement from you? Something to think about there while you are playing Russian Roulette with your sperm bank, Spanky.


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When you vote in 2020, this is the one woman’s issue that YOU need to consider seriously too because this can and will affect you in ways you aren’t prepared to pay the price for. Condoms, even when used, will break. Birth control and reproductive options for women are the only insurance either of us have that we don’t bring a child into a world that starts their life with massive food and shelter uncertainty and a father that didn’t ask to be permanently financially obligated to the accidental mother in this situation. Don’t kid yourself, this is exactly where this is all going and faster than a fat kid in slippery pants going down a playground slide. YOUR only protection is keeping it in your pants from this day forward, or voting for candidates that will NOT nominate supreme court judges or become policy makers themselves to put YOU in this position. This is not about party loyalty. This is about the realities of what we just agreed to when we voted this last batch of bad apples into office. When abortions are illegal only the Senator’s mistresses will have access to them, don’t kid yourself.


Meanwhile a reminder, in case you were out of the loop:

1. Clients who ask for or engage in bareback sex are also

(a) often rotating through multiple non-exclusive partners with whom he is also having bareback sex, with increasing numbers of people exposed to any STD he has contracted

(b) often attempting bareback sex with younger women and in as much volume of variety as possible

(c) more easily led to believe that taking the “little blue pill” to prevent HIV protects them from the worst of things to worry about.

(d) will likely have bareback sex at some point with a non-provider, who will also not know that he is/has engaged in bareback sex with providers

(e) like many folks, rarely gets tested and when he bothers, it is only because he or his partner (provider or non-provider) is suddenly symptomatic (aka too late because how many people now?)

(f) more likely to operate with a delusional fantasy that whatever is contracted can be cured with a pill or will offer a cavalier attitude of “I am old and going to die anyway” without any concern for the impact he has on the multiple, OTHER people he exposes to HIS infection to

(g) clients who know they are (or likely are) infected are MORE enthusiastic about bareback sex because “they already have ____, so who cares” and often are angry enough to want to punish anyone willing to have bareback sex with them for money as a form of revenge since indiscriminate bareback sex is how they acquired their infection in the first place.


2. The CDC reports are chilling and worth being concerned about

(a) if you aren’t familiar with them, you can find the CDC reports for your local area here. link:

(b) INCURABLE gonorrhea is on an alarming rise. Also known as “drug resistant gonorrhea” what this means is that there are no drugs known to be 100% effective in curing it for everyone. There is a HIGH probability that if you have THIS, you are going to have it for the rest of your life.

(c) more and more folks are showing up with Chlamydia and Gonorrhea in their throats and eyes. Facials and swallowing might avoid pregnancy but it isn’t protecting you from getting these STD’s, and more, in in your eyes and throat.

(d) in some places, trichomoniasis is also hitting alarming levels of resurgance. This nasty f/cker is nearly symptomless but no less devastating to your health.

(e) While it is true that you cannot contract HIV from oral sex, what you could end up with instead is equally nasty, severe and in at least one other STD variation (incurable gonorrhea) that is just as much of a life sentence, and will remain contagious with you as the carrier.

3. Providers who think bareback services are the only way they can stay competitive in a tough market

(a) I am not going to make public condemnation of you but I will say that if your life has hit rock bottom to such a point that this seems like the only option you have available, you are not getting the help or advice you need from anyone you should be listening to. Remember, the risks and costs you take on are your burden alone and that is why bad advice is always cheap or free. It costs the adviser nothing to be wrong even if it costs you everything.

(b) UNWANTED OR UNEXPECTED PREGNANCY by a client is the last thing you need on your list of problems but here we are in 2019 and this is NOT an exaggeration. ANY access to abortion is being taken away in significant measures as we speak, and your access to birth control is going to be right after it as they continue trying to close up all the government sponsored clinics. if you were working a normal job, you would only have to worry about avoiding employers like Hobby Lobby or finding a way to budget for the cost of your birth control.

But you don’t work a normal job, and in this one that you have, the public clinics are the only reliable health coverage and services you have access to. They have BEEN taking this away from you while you were busy saying “I dont like politics” as an excuse to avoid paying attention and learning how to understand policy making (politics) while blaming everything on “the feminists” to seem more attractive to men. Shit just got real, girlfirend.

The people paying the price for all this voluntary ignorance of social policy making (politics) is about to be you (if you are physically capable of becoming pregnant) and your male bareback sex loving clients. This is a blank check you are all about to sign, not an IOU.

(c) Successful people plan for the future in the long term, not the gain in the short term. Your health is a lifelong investment. Without it, there is no amount of money that will make your life worth living. Do what you have to do but don’t sell yourself short because you think playing Russian Roulette with a client and no condom is better than going back to work at Walmart or giving up the easy life, if you have it. Just know that this time, those risks could come at the price of 18 years raising a child you weren’t expecting to have and being denied public assistance for him/her until you can identify a father. On the upside, Maury Povich will love having a prostitute on the show with her list of terrified clients taking a paternity test. You won’t have to worry about that cost, the show will be happy to pay for that testing.



Increasingly restricted access to birth control for women because of clinic closings. Increasing number of areas where NO abortion services are available, including the morning after pill (because health insurance or clinic access).  The only thing worse than a  condom is…..


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