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When was the last time you felt appreciated?

You are ready for some “me time” and a defiant escape from all that is the boring every day of your life. You want a little harmless excitement to reinvigorate you and the parts of you that are alive, healthy and oh so happily human. Happiness. Isn’t that what the pursuit of pleasure is about? Injecting a little happiness into the grind that is your adult life to reduce the friction? Its nobody’s business but your business and you want someone who knows why it is important to keep it that way. Congratulations, now you have found her.  
Drama free. Trouble free. Obligation free. And as invested as you are in avoiding the need for unwanted or awkward explanations to anybody. The ultimate NSA partner. Meet your new, all star player on Team-You.

I am Samois and I am a happy, mature and sexually robust woman. I combine all the femininity that you long for with a warm and genuine personality that understands the many ages and stages of a man’s life. No matter what you look like, how old you are or how awkward you might be think you are in any other respect when it comes to satisfying women, the magic with me is not what you can do but how you feel under my attention.

Are you an older or more experienced man? Are you tired of the equivalent of fast food, cheap imitation desire and intimacy? Ready for something more personal, more satisfying and able to be enjoyed slowly like a home cooked meal? I am experienced with PE, ED and all the changes that come with a changing body. You are in excellent hands here with me. Together, my specific combination creates an atmosphere of complete acceptance and sincere engagement. Come on in and relax. I have many delicious experiences for you to choose from, and a seat at my table with your name on it.

Contact me and let’s get started on something good for you.


No pressure. No judgment. No drama. No nonsense. 

Just more love and less noise.  

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