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September 12, 2019
He’s Indian. Not that Indian, the OTHER Indian.
September 24, 2019

The pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. Happiness = pleasure. Pleasure = no shame. No shame = consenting adults being consenting adults without legislation of it.

You are an adult. Aren’t you capable of making adult decisions for yourself?

In case you have just started to notice, there has been an ongoing and calculated attempt to drive intelligent, normal and perfectly healthy adults into moral straitjackets to increase their suffering. Suffering, which always leads to a sudden and enthusiastic search for relief in the form of adult pleasures (vices) or church. Right now, your adult pleasure as a sexual human being with other consenting adults is quietly being ripped apart at the seams and creating a social cattle chute of access that will only allow you to find these pleasures through the old fashioned courtship measures of dating, promising emotional and life investments you aren’t ready to commit to, or basically forcing yourself on someone with the assistance of drugs, alcohol or power where normal seduction isn’t working. The fall of the online communication forums that allowed people to find each other for non-matrimony focused pleasures have all been under public attack with the elimination of Craigslist and then Backpage, which included ALL their personal ads sections, not just the “adult work” sections. Anti-human trafficking, they call it but in practice, it is anti-sex between consenting adults who are exchanging support and relief instead of wedding vows and rings. The statistics and publicly accessible information bear this out. The abysmal token percentage of “trafficking” victims caught in large scale, expensive operations and typically all foreigners who have no legal representation, interpreters to ensure complete understanding of what is happening and a real fear of ending up in prison on foreign soil. (The fear here is based on what they know about prisons in their own countries. You should know that theirs are typically much less humane than ours are.) Given a choice between an assumption of guilt and going to jail in a foreign country or agreeing that you have been trafficked to get some legal assistance and deportation, the choice is clear for any of us.
But ask yourself, isn’t all this anti-trafficking supposed to be about rescuing kids from this? Isn’t every image you see about the anti-trafficking campaign showing a teenage female? Where are THOSE rescued victims? If you were to be completely honest with yourself, do you really give a damn what a grown man or woman does for pleasure out of sight and with another consenting adult? Of course you don’t care. None of us care. They are grown folks. Let them do what grown folks do. Being an adult is hard enough without other people trying to tell you what you can and can’t do in private, right? But saving these kids from bad situations with exploitative adults, this is something worth supporting the cause for, yes? Of course it is but if you look around you, you will start to notice something isn’t quite right here. In all these operations, a shamefully small to ineffective percentage of “victims” were actually minors. The majority were consenting adults minding their own business, and not chasing after kids. If we are trying to protect kids, why do we see so few of them and instead so many adults who weren’t bothering kids at all? How is this anti-trafficking to save kids from this working if this is what ends up in the net? Or are the kids really just a Trojan Horse disguise to keep us distracted from what it is really intended with this “gift” of saving kids being offered?
In medicine, we know that any treatment of a problem that doesn’t address the roots of it is only chasing symptoms that will keep coming back, worse each time you see it. You can treat the symptoms of type II diabetes with medication but if you don’t get to the root of the problem, which is nutrition and food selections along with physical activity and stress management, the type II diabetes will never reverse itself (it can if you catch it early) and instead, the symptoms will get worse until you graduate from pills to needles, chances of reversing to permanent physical damage leading to amputations and blindness long before death. If anyone is serious about rescuing kids from being trafficked, they would know that the root is in the lack of resources and protection these kids have available to them. Specifically, kids who come from less than optimal home environments and run-away children. Once children leave their homes, what marginal protection they had in the form of a house to return to, a community that recognizes familiar and unfamiliar faces, even social contacts (no matter how unsavory) that still provide a modicum of protection or support because they are familiar and known personalities. Once on the street and away from home, all those things are gone and that child (who has not lived long enough to develop emotionally, psychologically or socially to have more than the most rudimentary tools and skills for being in the world) is at the mercy of every predatory and sexually opportunistic person that recognizes their vulnerability. The same individuals who will target a runaway like a vulture circling a carcass also live in your neighborhoods and go to your child’s school events or your country clubs. Sexually opportunistic lives in your homes and neighborhoods. Predatory has enough hubris that it has moved past odd moments of isolated opportunity in the safety of the familiar and actively scouts and recruits. Both of these are the primary threats to teenagers who are isolated, alone and/or without protection. This is easy to see because it is common sense and so pervasive that we aren’t shocked by it when we hear it but instead think, “of course…”
So, why are we spending so much time and effort chasing and making criminal charges against consenting adults doing what they do with other consenting adults when THIS is the real offense and problem we want to eradicate? If this were actually about saving teenagers and children, where is the INCREASED efforts aimed at run-away issues, supports and protections? Where is the doubled down effort with all this “anti-trafficking” funding (which is a treasure chest of unquestioned funding right out of a Looney Tunes cartoon for anyone who puts together a task force and shows even a single shred of evidence that they “caught” someone, anyone that they can charge, successfully or not, with human trafficking)? Where are the actual, credible reports of ANY efforts being made and targeted at the roots of the problem here which is under-age people in vulnerable situations that make them the prime targets OF human traffickers? You can shut down an online advertising site but that only prevents the community at large in assisting with drawing attention to possible human trafficking of minors. By driving pimps and traffickers offline, all you do is push them back to the street and face to face negotiations among the shadows where they are impossible to catch for obvious reasons. What is left is grandstanding by local officials with publicized attacks on any online communications sites that allow advertising of consenting adults looking for non-traditional arrangements or relationships (remember, CL remains up but its various “personals” sections are ALL removed). “Its about the prostitutes!” you say. And I agree with you, yes it is. It always was. This is about “prostitution” not “rescuing” anyone from “human traffickers”. The difference is that people aren’t as motivated to hand over their hard earned money to support anti-prostitution efforts because the reality is that most of us could care less what our neighbors are doing in their private lives as long as it doesn’t involve under-age children, or OUR children. But make this ABOUT children? And, instantly, just like the anti-abortion crusades, it is pretty hard to say you don’t support the cause and not sound like a monster in the process. After all, who would NOT support an effort to rescue children from sex trafficking?

Robert Kraft vs Florida. Note that months (!!) of hidden videotaping of innocent people was done and kept on record by the local LE without the business owner’s knowledge and permission. They created a false “fire alarm/inspection” and inserted filming equipment and proceeded to videotape EVERYONE who received any kind of massage service – including civilian women receiving therapeutic massage! – without their consent or knowledge.

Except that none of this is about children or sex trafficking but instead, old fashioned sex between consenting adults that doesn’t involve promises of marriage or moral fidelity. And if you step back for a moment and take a look at all the data we have so far from these efforts, and WHO has their sticky, invasive fingerprints all over these efforts (religious based groups,. Example: Polaris Project is a CATHOLIC based organization from top to bottom), and how many politicians now have personal or financial ties to evangelical interests supporting them (their goal: one religion, no division of church and state, no reproduction rights for women without husband approval or none, if there is no husband, only heterosexual existence which also leads to their additional goal of increased numbers in their ranks of church financiers -translation: church members). This is not rocket science. Go back and read up on the war on pornography with the The Moral Majority and Jerry Falwell in the 1980’s. They lost their crusade to rid the world of pornography and unifying church and state, but have learned from their mistakes. You don’t go to war with politicians, you buy them. And with their deep pockets from their ministries (evangelical Christians AND Catholics), they did exactly that. Look at the USA presidential candidate line up in 2016. Start counting how many of them have evangelical ties personally or financially. It’s not a coincidence.

Now, look at our current administration and dig a little deeper (since they aren’t stupid enough to broadcast it too obviously) and see how many of the current folks in key positions of policy making at upper levels of the administration are ALSO tied to evangelical, fundamentalist or financially wealthy religious interest groups. This is also not a coincidence. If you have been a supporter of this anti-human trafficking propaganda road show these last four years, it should be obvious now that you were played for a chump by the biggest snake oil salesman on the planet. The effort to unify church and state and make this one God, one nation, one race and one sexuality (church sanctioned, of course) is happening NOW and don’t kid yourself, they will be coming for your pornography next and in short order. They will come full circle to their initial crusade in the 1980s to try and reclaim the battle they famously and humiliatingly lost. If you have wondered what has happened to Tindr, Instagram and other social media venues, this is where the crusade against porn is starting; with the easy targets. Just like prostitutes are easy tactical targets when their real goal is take away the ability for women to have a sexuality that is not owned and bartered off to the male population by the church of choice. The purpose of this is simple. If you corral all the women and limit the access to pleasure through specific social cattle chutes, the heterosexual men will follow.

Religion knows that because power is not in the pussy, it is in the pleasure. Create suffering and offer pleasure in specific and limited access ways and people will pay the price commensurate with their value or need of the pleasure. The difference between women and the church? Only the church benefits when you suffer. 

By controlling women’s sexuality and the access to it, religion has the market cornered coming and going. And it isn’t just you paying the price here. We are all paying the price for this with our quality of life and ability to be happy, consenting adults with other happy, consenting adults. Robotic love dolls seem to be the trend for the future but the fact of the matter is that your robotic love doll won’t understand your jokes either, or your very human suffering. A woman loves you best when she can feel safe and happy. Its not rocket science, or religion.

Support decriminalization. The government (and someone else’s church!) does not belong in your bedroom.

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