The Moral Majority is neither.

moral majority

Its never a question of morals. It is always a question of WHOSE moral compass we are using. ICYMI, we are currently watching a life and death power struggle being played out with a single Supreme Court nomination hearing of Amy Coney Barrett, as we speak. A woman who is spectacularly ill-qualified for speaking about the struggles of motherhood as she is being an objective, fair and agenda-less judge on the Supreme Court.

Before you cringe your nose too tightly at the suggestion that she knows nothing about the struggles of motherhood as the parent of 6 children, let me remind you that she has maintained a legal career the entire time.

If you know anything about the lives of lawyers whose ambitions are higher than simply paying back their student debt and not working as a public defender for the rest of their lives, then you will also know that this profession demands every minute of spare time you have to give to the cause, whatever it might be at the moment. They don’t work normal hours or limited hours like we do. This is a legal CAREER and if they plan on getting anywhere close to a partnership or judgeship, they have to put the time in. All of their time. Every waking minute that isn’t conveniently squeezed out of a spare moment in the day must be spent proving yourself worthy to the superiors above you.

This is why married men with good corporate wives are seen as better candidates and women of reproductive ages are treated with more distancing and consideration. The home life is going to need to be intact, maintained and upheld for the sanity of the ambitious legal professional.

The person doing all the maintaining, upholding and keeping the house together will not be the legal professional but expected to be their spouse.

Law is a jealous mistress and doesn’t care what your spouse wants. She will not tolerate competition. And this means that children need a primary caregiver who is NOT the legal professional. But Ms. Barrett’s husband works as a corporate lawyer and they are both from the old fashioned ‘father’s work and mother’s are caregivers’ school of thought. This also means HE isn’t going to stay home with these kids and be a house-husband either. So who has been raising their kids? Most likely a full time nanny or live-in au pair. Who would also be kept company by a full time house keeper.

What do the Barrett’s know about your struggles of raising kids while working full time jobs?

They would know the bare minimum since their incomes are high enough to afford full time, substitute caregivers for the children and home and enough control over their schedules that they can handle child-school issues without immediately sacrificing 20% of their weekly pay to do it. For those of you who cannot afford to hire full time domestic help with the kids or housekeeping around the house, you already know what a world of difference having enough money for extra help would make and that these are not the same set of life stressors.

We know that she is vocally and historically anti-abortion. She also affiliates herself with the kind of religious whackos that believe every sperm is sacred (So, no masturbation for you!), IVF is acting in defiance of the natural order of things and she stands shoulder to shoulder with the likes of Ted Cruz and Brett Kavanaugh who claim that any birth control for women is an abortion inducing drug, and therefore, criminal.

Anyone will agree that ending a life, for whatever reason (even in the matters of assisted suicide for the terminally ill) is not something that is easy to stand in support of. And in all cases where a woman must make that awful choice for herself, it is her choice to make. If you feel really strongly about the woman in your life never aborting a pregnancy that you helped create, then open a deposit account in a sperm bank for safeguarding your future, planned withdrawal and get a vasectomy in the meantime. If you aren’t willing to take the extra steps to make sure that you only facilitate planned pregnancies in your own life, then who are you to talk to anyone else about any method of family planning?

And if you think this doesn’t affect you, consider how much you love the idea of wearing a condom EVERY time you have sex with something other than your hand – for the rest of your adult life.

Imagine if that condom slips off, or you decide to try your luck with the withdrawal method and fail – with someone you are NOT planning to spend the rest of your adult life with . Right there is 18 years of child support you are on the hook for with absolutely NO getting out of it, (and possibly the world’s most expensive and traumatic divorce and child custody fight.)

And don’t you kid yourself, bucky. They have been forcing women to name the father to establish paternity for the pursuit of child support before they will approve welfare assistance for decades now. This pursuit of the biological father for financial child support will only increase in vigor and effectiveness after the unexpected (and usually teenage) pregnancies start appearing in larger volume again with the Religious Right at the helm when it comes to controlling your sex life. No Planned Parenthood (check), restricting birth control access (check), prevention of access to porn (working on it)

Oh yah… a child with someone you barely know, or like, because of operator error or bad luck AND no porn to watch while you are home eating beans and hot dogs because you don’t have any extra money to go enjoy your life, much less attract any other woman (who, for the record, is not interested in helping you pay YOUR child support for someone else’s kids. She has her own kids to worry about. Sound like a familiar thought to you?)

Don’t say it could not, or would never happen. If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that anything can and will happen, no matter how unthinkable or beyond bad script writing it may seem.No sex workers. No abortions. No birth control. Your porn is next, buddy. Don’t you kid yourself.

Don’t believe me? Look up “war on pornography” and you will see it being discussed everywhere thinking minds congregate. Its not a secret. While you are at it, do some historical research to see where the roots of this weed comes from and look for “Meese Commission”, “Moral Majority”, “People V. Flint” and if you can find it, watch the movie “People VS Larry Flynt”. This war started in the 70’s with Anita Bryant, ramped up to peak effort in the 80’s with Jerry Falwell, and crew, and has since returned from the dead with the evangelical insinuations into the current WH administration. Our President would likely break out in hives if had to sit in ANY church with a straight face for more than 5 minutes and yet, his WH spiritual advisor is Paula White? An evangelist who actually used her public position in the WH to get followers to send money to support evangelical churches. This really happened.

This is the same Jim Bakker that Paula White is talking about in her tweet.

You, literally, can’t make this stuff up and expect anyone to believe you. Meanwhile, back at the ranch during a pandemic…

“Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous.”

– Matthew 7:15

I often wonder if these folks actually read their bibles for comprehension or just to skim and cherry pick whichever part suits their immediate needs. I am not of any organized, traditional faith but I grew up around Christians of various levels of hellfire and brimstone preaching so I am familiar enough with the Christian teachings to recognize when a Christian is not. The “prosperity gospel” is all the rage with the lazy and selfish. I guess it makes being a Christian in name, not practice, easier?

What I do know is that evangelism, especially media driven evangelism (formerly known as televangelism) has ridiculously deep pockets and endless bankrolls. The reason why is simple. If you draw someone’s focus to sex or fear, it will activate the limbic part of the brain. This unevolved lizard brain section is exclusively devoted to 1 thing: survival of the species, starting with you first. When that part of the brain is activated, you react instead of think.

With sex, the reaction is curiosity or desire. Who is having sex? Who is increasing their tribe numbers by making more of themselves? Is it my friend or an enemy? And I remember sex being very pleasurable. If they are a friend, they will share their pleasure with me. I would like more pleasure. I wonder who is having sex. The better part of why we can’t resist sex and sexy images is that it is wired into both pleasure and survival (of our species) as a high value priority.

With fear, the reaction is both alarm and “by any means necessary” self protective thinking. This includes giving complete strangers more of your money than would seem wise, prudent or even rational in your circumstances because they have both instilled a great sense of vague dread and fear in you WHILE simultaneously presenting themselves as your best friend who can afford to be calm and confident because they know how to safely guide you out of this specter of a mess heading your way.

Between the two, fear is a far more effective motivator than sex when it comes to getting someone to part with their money and feel good about it. No one ever got mugged and was relieved to hand over their money instead of their life because someone was brandishing naked tits at them. Fear makes you obedient. Sex makes you pro-active. You aren’t kidding me, we both know that porn search on your computer didn’t suddenly appear by itself. LOL

Which brings me to the inspiration for this post. Amy Coney Barrett, another real life villain that is definitely about taking away your birth control, your porn and even your medical insurance access.

Am I the only one sensing a similarity here?

I won’t bore you with a redundant list of why this woman should scare you enough to make your balls shrivel back into the limbic stem of your brain. You are smarter than the average farm ox or Mitch McConnell fan so I will let you do your own quick internet research to satisfy yourself.

What I will say is this and I would feel like I have done one good thing in the world if you remember it:

Women’s issues are also your issues. Any attack or suppression of women to be whole, participating and autonomous individuals with authority over their own lives and bodies is also an attack on YOUR ability to be in control of your life. When you stand in support of women’s rights, you also stand tall and visible in defense of your own because both of these are HUMAN rights at stake. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to see that when you look at it.

Fear and sex are the two most effective means to control people and bypass their critical thinking functions.

  • Organized religion has used these two as power tools since the beginning of time. They remove autonomous access to sex and insert themselves as gatekeepers to it to “protect you” from yourself.
  • This means that you can only get lifelong access to sex with a woman (church sanctioned females who are being held in reserve for marriage to worthy men based on church community standards) through them (the gate keepers). To ensure this,
    • homosexuality between men (removal of options for pleasure that they can’t monitor or control) is labeled an abomination worthy of death (fear).
    • sexually independent (of the church and its approval) women (porn stars, all lesbians, prostitutes, divorced women, and single and happy women) are given the lowest status of all and banned or seen as banishment worthy of YOU if you associate with them. (No porn stars, hookers, divorced women or lesbians for you, buddy!)
    • And finally, masturbation is the final frontier in controlling your access to pleasure. They need to be able to effectively cattle chute you into church approved marriage with the females that they are keeping under moral lock and key for exactly this purpose. Porn is a problem when it comes to controlling your access to self pleasure so naturally, porn must go. And they continue to fight to ban it, and now you can see why.
    • Unfortunately, we have the internet now so its not as easy to put the genie back in the bottle when it comes to porn so the next step after this is going to be controlling the internet and what you can see. This, also, is what they have been actively attacking while we have all been overwhelmed with the news cycle of ridiculous for the last 4 years. Trump is bad but his administration and the holy rollers who have hijacked our policy making this term are much worse and far more insidious. Fosta-Sesta was to kill access to sex workers. Porn is still actively on the chopping block (pay attention, this has already started) and control of the internet where anything not “child friendly” or possibly misused for prurient sexual purposes is the final prong of this Devil’s trident. And THOSE wheels have already started in motion. See here: EARNIT ACT and your internet privacy under attack

Ms Barrett claims to be a Catholic and supports the “old ways of doing things” but nothing in her personal life reflects that. She is one more of the many policy making or policy impacting hypocrites who are lining up to cattle chute everyone into a revenue source for themselves. They appear to want us to continue moving backward to the middle ages when you had serfs whose existence was exclusively focused on paying for the privilege of having a place to sleep and some meager sustenance in exchange for living in slavery to the support and comfort of their land barons.

She isn’t alone. None of them can do this alone. Like mice and rats, if you see one, there are dozens more hiding from view because they never travel alone and wherever they are present, they will chew through all barriers that maintain the integrity of whatever you are protecting that is valuable and you intended to preserve for the future.

Support women’s rights. Speak up and let your political representatives know that you are paying attention and that HUMAN rights, especially reproductive planning, matter to you. Have these conversations with the folks around you so they can actually examine why they believe what they do.

Stand by and fight for the women in your life as they have been doing for you since you were a helpless infant in their arms. We all deserve better than a cruel cycle of generational poverty from sub-standard wages, unplanned pregnancies, and lack of medical care for when our bodies finally break down from the poor working and living conditions that will only get worse.

If this pandemic has taught you nothing, it should have taught you at least this. Finding yourself free falling into economic disaster can happen nearly overnight to anyone. Its not a matter of bad life choices or poor judgment. It can also be simply bad and unforeseen circumstances, like the ones we find ourselves in now.

Now is the time we have hit the crossroads that will decide the fate of our children and grandchildren. The same children and grandchildren we will be relying on to take care of us and be mercifully forgiving of our mistakes when we are old and infirm.

Do the right thing. The life you save may be your own.