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I am currently selling handmade fabric masks.

If you are willing to wear them correctly while in my presence, a complimentary hot oil therapy -tantra massage can be provided to you. There is no additional fee for the bodywork. It is a free gift with the purchase of the mask and ONLY available if you wear the mask correctly while you are sharing air space with me in the room.

If you are interested, please inquire in advance for more information about how to purchase a mask.

All of my art featured throughout the website and in the gallery links above can be purchased in advance or a deposit can be paid to hold the art with the balance paid in person when it is delivered. All work posted here have limited face to face consultations for future art collaborations. The following things are excluded from this offer:

  • Art marked NFS is ‘not for sale’
  • Zines are shipped by mail only. There are no digital copies. It will not be delivered in person. It will arrive in a discrete manila envelope.
  • 3-D or mixed media art can be shipped but there is a separate shipping charge cost, depending on the piece.

Because the best art inspires thinking, and feeling.

Thank you for your patronage and support.

Gallery: Life, and other forms of poetry – Photograph collection

Life, and other forms of poetry