Do you laugh after sex?

The conversation is getting very sexy. The man I am talking to is interacting quite actively and participating in the fantasy role play, allowing me to move from being a story teller to an active audience at many points during our conversation. I haven’t had sex since… before COVID-19… and the phone chemistry is good. I decide to slip out of my pants during the call.

Giggling is so sexy.

I had no idea I was this stressed out. We both achieved a release from internal pressure, and mine resulted in a giggle.

And I couldn’t stop giggling.

While his release was physical and mental, mine was a testament to how much of my internal pressure was mental, not just physical.

In the past, if I had a powerful enough orgasm, tears would well up in my eyes because of the powerful emotional release accompanying it. Every now and then, t might be followed by a laughing-giggling fit. Men’s eyes always light up when joking about how crazy women are better in bed. Until they think they actually DO have a crazy woman in bed, crying and laughing after an orgasm, then their eyes still light up but I think it might be terror, not delight, that is flashing in them.

I think the rare, post-orgasm giggle occurs because joy and mirth finally find a crack in my psychological armor to sneak through and bubble up to the surface. The difference between crazy and sane people is, after all, how well you keep your crazy on lockdown.

hide your crazy and act like a lady

Today, I experienced a moment of relief, joy and mirth.

I really needed that.

I hope you can discover a moment like that for yourself too. It makes a difference. If you would like to share a pleasurable moment with someone like me who gets a genuine delight out of someone like you? Check out what is available from a remote, or COVID-19 safe distance here: