Deposits and providers: 3 ways to avoid scams.

The typical scenario that is most likely to lead you right into trouble is:

Treat this like a fast food purchase.

There are some folks out there who want to believe (or worse, want YOU to believe) that hiring a service provider should be as quick, easy and anonymous as ordering a meal from a drive through window: The only question being: “Which item from the menu do you want and pull around the building, and pay to receive it”

These are the same people that believe that any amount charged that is beyond THEIR idea of what they want to pay is offensive. They also believe there is nothing unreasonable about asking a good looking person to drop all personal inhibitions or concerns about matters of safety and well being to accommodate any outrageous request as long as they are being offered money because you know, “… all hookers, or just hookers”

  • What do you mean you won’t meet me without knowing who I am or having any way for law enforcement to identify me if I end up hurting or killing you?
  • What do you mean you won’t have bareback sex with me? I am clean. No one has come near my dick in months except the last provider! (who I will also claim DID have bareback sex with me to try and make you think there’s nothing wrong with me, my lack of interest in protecting my own health, or my utter lack of regard for YOUR health and safety)

You will notice a few things that is a predictable pattern with these supposed victims of rip-off artists telling their tales:

“I don’t do deposits, screenings or hotels because this one time… “
  • The poster never actually posts the name of the provider on the dedicated “rip off/scam/avoid” sections of the boards
  • Or tells you when and where he saw her/him/they but only a vague time mention of time like, “a few years ago”
  • Or what method of confirmation they used to establish this was a real person.
    • Did they check out their social media? Did the person have one?
    • Did they read their blog? Did the person have one?
    • Did they speak on the phone or was it ALL anonymous, voiceless text?
    • Did they look for responses to anything in forum discussions?
    • Did the look for more than ads, pics and anonymous reviews from anonymous members writing amateur Penthouse Forum fiction?
  • Note: 100 pieces of anonymous sex fiction offered as a “review” is still 100 pieces of fiction from anonymous sources. Don’t kid yourself.
  • Because of the poorly written fiction element AND the abuse of the “review system” by predatory scum to try and leverage service providers into doing what they want or “get a bad review!” – many solid, trustworthy and worthwhile companions have evacuated those cesspools of bad fanfic.
Remember that guy you knew in your 20’s that:
  • women avoided
  • was so sexist he made YOU uncomfortable
  • was creepy and/or sexually predatory because he often said ‘men and women can’t be friends’
  • believes women aren’t good for anything but sex and babies
  • Yah, he has since gotten married to a woman that now hates him,
  • says all women are hookers,
  • often tries to get sex from much younger women/girls using sympathy/pity/bribes and no surprise,
  • he’s probably an active review board member who either
    • complains about providers charging too much
    • or complains that the $50 or half hour champagne dance he bought was served by a toothless meth addict you shouldn’t see sober or in good lighting.
  • We know who these guys are because we are up to our eyballs in them on the review boards but can you tell who he is when you are getting his “sage advice” online without actually seeing him or how he lives his life?

Are there folks who hit all the marks and STILL “rip someone off” by demanding a deposit or full advance payment or something else? Yes. There’s always that one guy/gal in every group. If this is business and there is a requirement that must be agreed to, there should be something in writing explaining their policies. See “deposits” in next section.

The question that the wealthy residents of Palm Beach were asking themselves was, plainly, why? Why would a man worth $6.6 billion risk getting a $59 hand job at a strip mall massage parlor? Click here for the story about the cheapskate billionaire who could afford anything except embarrassment.

Pro tip:

If the companion is conspicuous in her/his/their absence on those review boards, it is typically a sign that she/he/they doesn’t serve the members of that crowd.

They have a reason for it. Ask her/him/them.

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